The Benefits of Air Conditioning


Enjoy your perfect indoor temperature throughout the year, be it in your office or home. The comfort conditions created by an air conditioner helps an individual keep cool which in turn makes them more productive. Air con also helps lessen heat fatigue and lowers humidity which improves job performance at work.

Convenient Heat: Residential and commercial air conditioners provide immediate heat, ideal for those cold South African winters.

Better Health:

 Air conditioners remove airborne allergens and mold growth, as well as reducing dust mites. Because the air is free from dust and dirt particles as well as microorganisms and bacteria, this promotes a healthy working or living environment.

Improves Air Quality:

If an air conditioning installation is good and well maintained, then it will renew and improve your overall air quality.

  • Extreme heat has a clear negative impact on the intellect and on physical activity and the use of air conditioning can go some way to rectifying this.
  • It improves comfort levels at work and at leisure.
  • It improves job performance.
  • It can result in increased physical and intellectual activity.
  • A lower temperature reduces the presence of insects and parasites.
  • Lower temperatures mean less sweating, reducing the risk of dehydration.
  • A clean air conditioning system helps exclude external allergens such as pollens.

If the air conditioning installation is good, and if it is well maintained, it renews and improves air quality